Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy season

Feeling homesick today. Most probably because of the rainy season. Dark clouds, lightning and thunder, flash floods... these became a norm for us during  rainy season.
What can we do to erase these bad vives and bring back the spring in our steps?
Letting your imagination run away to far and distant places can become an entertaining distraction. It will lift your mood and put a grin to your face. Other people that can see you will  also start to smile also as you can affect them positively.
Like a boomerang, smiles when you give them automatically returns. The most charming smile are those given from the heart, because it reaches to your eyes and emits a good vive. The eyes are truly a window to your soul.
Another way to put a smile to your face is by looking at your face on a mirror. Don't place that mirror away until such time that you are satisfied in knowing you are presenting a face that can light up a room with your enchanting smile.
Your favorite song can also lift your mood and make you sing or even dance to the tune. Remember that dance beat? Play it out loud.
Regardless of what mood your in if you're truly interested to change it for the better, then you will be successful. Its all in your mindset.
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