Sunday, November 6, 2016

Notes to Keep

What would you do to keep it all in place?

If you were given questions that asks what you feel at that moment in time it is advisable that you keep it to yourself. Because years later it might just come back and bite you in the behind.

Unless those notes were but safe answers and it woud not matter at all if you would try to read it back all over again. The you in the present would never be same as the you that you are now. And that is good. Keep moving forward. Do not freeze yourself in a moment of time as time does not freeze you. It is you alone who can decide if you want to be frozen in time.

Better safe than sorry I guess. That is one personality of writers that you will meet by reading blogs these days. In the day where digital writers were a dime a dozen. Finding the inspirational writer that you can follow and read everyday is a gem.

But there is  website that you can follow and read everyday that is so helpful it can save lives.

Trust me. It is all good. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Moving On

If you want to move on and forget, you need to realize you need help from these sources: your family, friends and the ever helpful thing called time.

Like the sunrise that shines ever so slowly over the horizon, so is getting over problems and challenges. Believe in yourself that you can move on and try to forget the hurt and pain. Learn from your experience and replace each bad memory with a better and more cheerful one.

We are given each day a chance to start anew. It will always depend on us on how we are able to jump start each day. And it is a blessing if you can surround yourself with positive people that will cheer you up, boost your morale and make you smile.

And when the day ends, we are blessed. Thankful and at peace.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Year in Review

My Musings

From the word Muse, and if we get the meaning of this in the Meriam Webster dictionary, it goes like this:

intransitive verb
1 : to become absorbed in thought; especially : to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively
2 archaic : wonder, marvel
transitive verb
: to think or say reflectively
synonyms see ponder
Other forms: mused; mus·ing

To clarify, these posts are all about my reflections, meditations and thoughts that run through my mind. And looking back at 2013, I became so busy in making it more productive, exciting and generally, I got my wish and aspirations. Just think, its about 9 months ago since my last blog. And here I am again, writing away.. and remembering to activate this blog for a year in review.

I guess my facebook account can generally summarize my life more accurately. I AM STUMPED! Yes, basically I have a lot to share, and I am basically challenged to give you my year in review. Hahahaha I have to laugh or else I would cry buckets.

Lets see... hmmm I guess, you could say, my 2013 year started with a lot of promises. January started with a bang. I asked for an early vacation leave and spent the early part of the year and early weeks of February going around Hong Kong. Somewhere in these posts you can go through those posts I guess. The most memorable reflections I had then was, I love my family, I appreciate what God gave me and I am thankful that I am enjoying my life as a single lady with a lot less worries than other people in the world.

Then came the biggest surprise. Mom immediately was hospitalized a few hours after I have arrived home. After a few days, we went home from the hospital. She really disliked staying from hospitals, even preferring to pretend she was okay physically.

I did not expect that this was just the start of a challenging and heartbreaking journey that I would face for the year 2013. Mom didn't make it after two more hospitalizations. The succeeding months after February, next is June, and October were months that I have spent in a hospital with Mom. In between months were days and weeks that I remember with bittersweet memories. The simple joys of having Mom around, being with her. To the point where I even disregarded invitations to join celebrations. I even asked for days of leave of absences, knowing I need to take care of her.

All these I have kept bottled up. Preferring to remember the joys and not the pain. But I needed to share, to remember that Mom wanted, always, all these time, for me to move on, take care of myself, my brothers, my sisters... I know she wanted me to look forward to a new beginning. Always keeping faith. Holding on to our dreams that we made together. The love that she has shown me will never fade away.

There were those times that she was recovering, or pretending to be okay for me? That I have made a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. I have purchased the tickets in advance, so many months in advance that I was even wondering If it will push through. But Mom was very supportive, and she said, pursue your dreams. GO.

After she passed away, Typhoon Yolanda came. The super typhoon could not compare to the pain of losing your loved one. It was like living at the end of the world. Flying objects, very strong winds, walking home and fighting against the wind. Food, shelter, clothing, and clean water became scarce in Estancia, Iloilo but we SURVIVED YOLANDA.

But the pain of losing Mom was greater, there will always be moments where you just need to let go, cry your heart out. Only faith in God and His promises for a better future makes me strong. Concentrating on work, having fun with family & friends,  and most importantly preaching the Good News ( are my major sources of help that distracts me.

Going to Boracay for a holiday last December helps too. And that was my 2013 year in review.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love Letter

To my 1,000th viewer,

This is my personal letter for you. Since you are mostly my 1,000th viewer, I will gladly take my hat's off to you and give you the recognition that you deserve. Yes, you... my readers are the best there is in this side of the world. Ah, the grandeur of being in your presence is the most awesome and heartwarming experience ever to be felt in my entire life.

{LOL} Kidding aside, the feeling of just being able to write anything under the sun and feel that you're sharing instantly in seconds to an audience of one, two, three, hundreds or even thousands of readers, and to anticipate that it will be read is a nothing but a pipe dream so many years ago. The advent of the world wide web (WWW) was nothing short of a miracle for some.

I do remember researching a topic in college about the WWW and memorizing its history and how it affected the mainstream media, technology, environment and such... It was a good topic that even after all these years I still remember learning about it.

I really felt that today, and tonight of all days, this the chance that I will get to pour my heart out again and reach out to a fellow reader.

This blog started out as a little diary of sorts, a simple and public way of sharing a part of myself that I am always developing. I might not be able to stop and get to know each and every person I see but through all these little blogs, I can keep sharing, remembering- that what I have right now is to be appreciated and what sort of person I'll be in a future is anyone's guess.. a future where anything is possible.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hong Kong Adventure
Having my passport before my college graduation, I was able to have my first ever out of the country vacation. It was the month of December when I got my firsthand experience on air travel. All alone by myself, I boarded my flight from Iloilo City to Metro Manila, Philippines. Then on that same day, From Metro Manila to Hong Kong. Since I scheduled my flight around 6 in the evening, I fortunately got the window seat overlooking all of Manila with all its glorious evening lights. It even outshone the beautiful sparkling stars that glittered the night sky.

Ocean park, Hong Kong
On this first time, I successfully answered the Immigration Officer why I wanted to go to Hong Kong for a visit to my relatives and stay there only for a short visit and not to find work. My brother met me and picked me up at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to go to Shatin located in New Territories, Hong Kong to stay in their apartment with my sister-in-law and nephew. The highlight of my visit was visiting Central Park, Kowloon Park, Ocean Park & The Victoria Peak. I am still amazed that I was able to brave riding the roller coaster and survived in Ocean Park.

 "Ocean Park Hong Kong, commonly known as Ocean Park, is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong." Wikipedia

Aside from the various rides, I enjoyed watching various shows and the memorable Atoll Reef (various sharks and fishes). But the best thing that I love on this trip was knowing my baby nephew and meeting him for the first time.

 My second time in Hong Kong was the trip that I made with my Aunt and Uncle and for the first time, I got to enjoy myself in Hong Kong Disneyland. First stop in the memorable trip was Tarzan's adventure, The Lion King Show, Tomorrow Land, Stitch and Lilo, Donald Duck in 3D, and various Disney shows. I got to ride for the first time in a carousel too. In all of these adventure, my nephew and I bonded over various games that we played together. And even up till now, he's still as sweet and loving. I hope he never loses that unique quality that few of boys his age of 12 got to keep and have.

View from The Peak, HK. Photo courtesy of my brother, Robert

My third time this year was even more satisfying, I got to try living like a local and enjoyed my time more with my brother's family and my sister too. I got to strengthen the family bond that we have. And we have discovered even more surprising views and location that Hong Kong got to give thanks to this website that I highly recommend for first time tourists or returning ones got to check:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Weird is just a side effect of being awesome.

Quite fitting for tonight. What started as an exchange for weather report in facebook- lead me into blogging about converting Fahrenheit into Celsius. How weird is that? Now I want to remember that to compute for fahrenheit, you have to multiply the x celsius to 9/5 or 1.8 after multipying you add 32. And the reverse works for celsius, which is subtracting 32 first and multiplying the x fahrenheit to 5/9

I googled the spelling and I got Fahrenheit (not the Taiwanese boyband) and Celcius (dont mistake this for a rapper album) correctly.

If I were reading this outloud, I can almost hear one of my co-worker telling me: "Whatever" in a tone that clearly shouts "I dont care." Funny that word is becoming a joke to hear around.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


New beginnings.

I came across an article one day advising the readers making a diary of one's blessings- people, events, things that you are thankful for each and everyday. So by the time another year has passed you can get to look back for a whole year knowing you have a lot to be thankful for.


I intended to do just that but, as all my good intentions, some push through as successive and continuous cycle, and some just come in small doses and others just do a forgettable stop.

It would be a treat for me knowing some days would just make me smile and forget all my worries. And now, let me do virtual memory recall. Traipsing back to those memorable times. What would my memory bank show me?

First Things First

I always get a good belly laugh when I arrive home. There will always be some funny notes and memorable experiences that will tickle my funny bone. Be it the situation around me, my Mom or my brother or some other things.  With these things, small and big, gives me a surefire way of appreciating what I have, and a sort of imaginary release of pent up stress.

Next Stop

Physically making me stop before reaching our house, in front of our doorway will be the appearance of one or two dogs doing one or all of these things barking, smelling, licking, running, dancing, jumping, sitting- basically doing a small raucous around me. 


Its always a treat when I find that our house is clean and everything is in order. In this instance, I can get out after an hour or so (Mom and me catching up on latest 'chika' or events that have happened or will happen around us) and go to our Aunt's house. On other days, I get to pick up a broomstick, a mop and other cleaning materials and start cleaning away- still this is a surefire way to forget everything and just clean and be fit. When bedtime comes and my head hits my soft bed, I get to sleep so fitfully. And when I wake up, we get to have a family study, preach in the field ministry, go to the Kingdom Hall and catch up with brothers and sisters.

Not so Fit

On worse days, when you wake up, you realize you're not so fit anymore. You get all the aches and pain and a big bonus of sneezing and runny nose (having allergic rhinitis does this almost regularly). And miss out on going out the house.


Time, as they say when you lose it, you'll never get it back. Well, when Monday beckons me, I start to think that time is something I cannot control. I have to get back again to my other life.

Breaking the Cycle

This puts me into a cycle where I am losing days, months, even years of my life to something worthless and not worth living for?  No! I don't want to regret a single day that I have spent on this lifetime. So vacation, here I come! Time to create new exciting and unique memories.

Have more grit and determination! This is the time that we should do something with our life and that starts now!!!



That jackfruit when I got home that we picked from our own backyard was juicy and yummy. I wish I could share it with you.