Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Weird is just a side effect of being awesome.

Quite fitting for tonight. What started as an exchange for weather report in facebook- lead me into blogging about converting Fahrenheit into Celsius. How weird is that? Now I want to remember that to compute for fahrenheit, you have to multiply the x celsius to 9/5 or 1.8 after multipying you add 32. And the reverse works for celsius, which is subtracting 32 first and multiplying the x fahrenheit to 5/9

I googled the spelling and I got Fahrenheit (not the Taiwanese boyband) and Celcius (dont mistake this for a rapper album) correctly.

If I were reading this outloud, I can almost hear one of my co-worker telling me: "Whatever" in a tone that clearly shouts "I dont care." Funny that word is becoming a joke to hear around.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


New beginnings.

I came across an article one day advising the readers making a diary of one's blessings- people, events, things that you are thankful for each and everyday. So by the time another year has passed you can get to look back for a whole year knowing you have a lot to be thankful for.


I intended to do just that but, as all my good intentions, some push through as successive and continuous cycle, and some just come in small doses and others just do a forgettable stop.

It would be a treat for me knowing some days would just make me smile and forget all my worries. And now, let me do virtual memory recall. Traipsing back to those memorable times. What would my memory bank show me?

First Things First

I always get a good belly laugh when I arrive home. There will always be some funny notes and memorable experiences that will tickle my funny bone. Be it the situation around me, my Mom or my brother or some other things.  With these things, small and big, gives me a surefire way of appreciating what I have, and a sort of imaginary release of pent up stress.

Next Stop

Physically making me stop before reaching our house, in front of our doorway will be the appearance of one or two dogs doing one or all of these things barking, smelling, licking, running, dancing, jumping, sitting- basically doing a small raucous around me. 


Its always a treat when I find that our house is clean and everything is in order. In this instance, I can get out after an hour or so (Mom and me catching up on latest 'chika' or events that have happened or will happen around us) and go to our Aunt's house. On other days, I get to pick up a broomstick, a mop and other cleaning materials and start cleaning away- still this is a surefire way to forget everything and just clean and be fit. When bedtime comes and my head hits my soft bed, I get to sleep so fitfully. And when I wake up, we get to have a family study, preach in the field ministry, go to the Kingdom Hall and catch up with brothers and sisters.

Not so Fit

On worse days, when you wake up, you realize you're not so fit anymore. You get all the aches and pain and a big bonus of sneezing and runny nose (having allergic rhinitis does this almost regularly). And miss out on going out the house.


Time, as they say when you lose it, you'll never get it back. Well, when Monday beckons me, I start to think that time is something I cannot control. I have to get back again to my other life.

Breaking the Cycle

This puts me into a cycle where I am losing days, months, even years of my life to something worthless and not worth living for?  No! I don't want to regret a single day that I have spent on this lifetime. So vacation, here I come! Time to create new exciting and unique memories.

Have more grit and determination! This is the time that we should do something with our life and that starts now!!!



That jackfruit when I got home that we picked from our own backyard was juicy and yummy. I wish I could share it with you.