Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy season

Feeling homesick today. Most probably because of the rainy season. Dark clouds, lightning and thunder, flash floods... these became a norm for us during  rainy season.
What can we do to erase these bad vives and bring back the spring in our steps?
Letting your imagination run away to far and distant places can become an entertaining distraction. It will lift your mood and put a grin to your face. Other people that can see you will  also start to smile also as you can affect them positively.
Like a boomerang, smiles when you give them automatically returns. The most charming smile are those given from the heart, because it reaches to your eyes and emits a good vive. The eyes are truly a window to your soul.
Another way to put a smile to your face is by looking at your face on a mirror. Don't place that mirror away until such time that you are satisfied in knowing you are presenting a face that can light up a room with your enchanting smile.
Your favorite song can also lift your mood and make you sing or even dance to the tune. Remember that dance beat? Play it out loud.
Regardless of what mood your in if you're truly interested to change it for the better, then you will be successful. Its all in your mindset.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Free reading materials

I have been an avid reader of novels since high school. I have rented, borrowed and bought books or ebooks for the sheer pleasure in reading.
Lately I have discovered free ebooks in the internet. For someone who loves to read, I felt happy knowing I would have a variety of materials to choose from and its all for free!
One website that I am thankful is Amazon. This site is so amazing! I thought at first that everything here has a price attached to it. Imagine my surprise when I sorted these books from low to high cost and voila! The price for some of the ebooks are free.
I am now enjoying my free stories via Kindle. Download this free app to your PC, laptop or CP and you are all set to use your library.
I was alarmed at first to know I cannot delete my kindle books inside my kindle library but there is a solution. Manage your accounts at your Amazon website and click on the upper right side corner of your kindle ebook. You will then find that your library is free of unwanted epubs that you do not like or ebooks that you already finished reading.
Check out their site and you will find not just books but also a lot of wonderful finds.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Getting up early in the morning is always a challenge for me. I just feel that I will always need that extra minutes of sleep before going to work. 

But just watch me move if I have a destination to go to, a far away place to travel to. My mind will just kick start and raring to go. Never mind if I do not have anything on my stomach, I can easily prepare myself in ten minutes or less and would just walk like an energizer bunny.

That is why I need the day prior to travel to prepare all my things. Aside from preparing my things, it is second nature for me to fix things inside my room as well. I would like my things to be in place when I get back home.

I have read a daily blog of real or reel life that is full of conversations, like the novels that I have read. And I liked it a lot. Made me appreciate this kind of blog. Whether I want to do it in a short story, a long story- with a picture, without a picture... it will just be there. Free for all to see. Freedom. 

That blog made me realize that I liked the feel of artistic freedom. To write what's in your mind, share any of your thoughts without the fear of an editor slashing everything away just because its not perfect. Later on I may need help doing a more structured way to present, package and publish a very resourceful, knowledgeable blog. But for now, let me dream that I can someday make my own novel.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Prea, Brazil

It just tickles my funny bones when I found out my name is a place in Brazil with breathtaking views.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


If drama in your life is giving you lemons, you make a lemonade. 

The ability to adapt for survival is a reflex that we have. Whether its because we have a little or a lot, it really pays off just to live a simple life. Luxury is just a perspective. If you think you are happy, then regardless of any situation- you can cope and live your life to the fullest.

On the other hand,  its flu season once again. The mercurial weather is terrible for my sinuses. I have already bought Vitamin C and paracetamol. And I am daydreaming for a pitcher of cold lemonade. 

And another thing, let me buy those apples. Just to prove the old saying that an apple a day does make the doctor go away.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Review : Kimi Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme

I was surprised that I went to the movie theaters with my co-workers. The surprising element in this scenario is that I usually pick Hollywood movies for the most value of entertainment. The question now is, was it worth it? 

South Korea Cherry Blossoms

The plot was predictable, the humor a given, the acting is good, the surprise guest actors in the movie was a delight.  But what made my day watching the movie was the props, the set, and the location. It was simply amazing. A visual feast. It was a perfect opportunity for those who would want to take a peek at South Korea. The movie inspired me to dream that I can go there myself someday.

Kimi Dora 2 Poster

Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Playlist

I may be tired and falling asleep on my feet but if I want my senses to be alive and still attentive to the happenings around me, I need my music playlist. You Tube is the choice for all time for music and videos but if you want to download free music you need a site that will give you lots of freebies without the virus. My sister gave me tubidy as she is always downloading songs from mobile and my co worker gave me this site that you can download mp3. A warning though, update your anti-virus scanner before going to those sites just to be safe. My ever dependable anti-virus software is Avast. I get to renew my license for free.

Like a picking flowers, we need to choose our very own favorite songs to soothe our souls and lift our hearts. May your wish come true. xoxoxo

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lunch Ideas

Fast food craze. People on the go usually just grab food from the fast food restaurants to get an instant fix. But nothing beats a home cooked meal prepared lovingly by dear ones when you get to go home for a vacation.

Check out these local Filipino delicacies. But if you want to make your own, there are still other lunch ideas you can choose from.

By the Mango Tree

Mango tree photo courtesy of Kyla Javellana (from the net)

When the weekend starts, we are thankful that even if we look at the clock that states its 8:30 a.m., we don't feel the need to scramble frantically to prepare our things for work that starts at eight. But as we take a sip of that invigorating coffee or tea, our to do list for the weekend slowly but surely reminds us that we should not be wasting time and move on to more important things.

And as I make this post under the mango tree, I am grinning from ear to ear knowing I have the full day for fun and relaxation. I would be spending the rest of the day with family and friends.

Happy weekend everyone. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Thursday night, my eyes are almost ready to shut down from exhaustion. Yet, I cannot sleep. My mind kept going over the events of the day. 

I woke up very early and as usual I did my routine. Part of that routine is to open up my Facebook account and check those notifications. If I just miss a day from checking those, all those tags my friends does to get my attention will forever be buried from the "close friends" list that I made. It seems that there will always be an eye catching status or just a feel-good video that we keep on posting for our satisfaction we hope that our close friends would appreciate or just glance over. 

The culture of having your day start online is the trend. Rarely will I now enjoy a day that is technology free. Would this greatly impact our health in the long run? Definitely. A lot if not all of researches will guide you in saying that lack of sleep is never good for your long term health. So, how do we control ourselves from doing something that is fatal for our future self? By doing something worthwhile. And what would those be?

Exercise. Having daily exercises will take us far away from our computer for a certain period of time. The most easy and productive is doing household chores. Yes, doing household chores such as, cooking, cleaning and washing your clothes are considered exercises. It does not look like it, but you burn calories all throughout the day by doing these chores. And the overall effect? Everybody is happy. And you will feel justified eating that decadent doughnut or chocolate (in moderation) rewarding yourself that you have successfully stayed away from the computer all day.

Shopping. Yes, window shopping is good for your health and never hazardous for your financial status. Walking around the mall and looking (Just looking! You better leave your credit card at home.) at different products will grant you the healthy benefits of burning kilo calories each step of the way. And after a few hours, unknowingly you are already done with the day.

Family reunions. Yes, not all family gatherings are all about eating. Members of the family do stop once in a while from updating their status in various social networks and talk face to face. This intimate interaction is priceless. One can never know when will be your next pit stop. 

In the end, blogs will be there for our stress relief or to showcase our creative ideas to the world but let us not forget that face to face interaction in the real world is our true source of strength, love, affection, experience and knowledge that will anchor our feet to the ground. 

P.S. (post script) 2.22.2013

Looking back at what I have written months ago, I get to peek on my emotional and physical state of being. As this was published 7.5.2012, seven months have passed and on my timeline, a lot have happened in between those months. Local trips (Cebu). Budget defense (Bohol). Assemblies (Roxas City, Iloilo City & Antique). New crushes. A trip abroad (Hong Kong : 2.6.13). Mom's trip to the hospital (2.15.13). I am thankful though that even through all that highs and lows, I get to thank each and every blessings, ignore negative vibes that I have. And hold on to my sanity, love of my family and friends and go on living.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Dreaming of waking up to an exotic island where they have these wonderful buffet of fruits? It is not only a dream but a reality when you will grab a chance to come to any Island in the Philippines.

And if you do come here, you would be then in fruit paradise. Grab the opportunity to choose any fruit to your hearts content. For me, I would recommend choosing between strawberries or bananas. I love them both! 

Bananas can be bought day in and out in our country. These unassuming shrub can be seen in almost every roadside that you pass by in the countryside- is a yummy treat for us.

It can make you happy. Research shows that bananas are actually one of those food that has a lot of benefits. The ripe fruit eaten fresh are sweet and the texture can vary as bananas go in various size and shapes and colors.

But to combine strawberries and bananas? Both would be an explosion of different flavors in your mouth.

A mouth watering treat!

Maruya, on the other hand, or Banana fritters are a common dish served during snack times in the Philippines. It taste so good and you will feel so full afterwards that you think you already have a meal.

Lets try these...

How to make your own unique banana fritters:

Step 1: Plant a banana (assuming you are in the Philippine countryside ) LOL

Step 2: Harvest a banana (Going to the market and buying one fresh bundle works better)

Step 3: Cook a banana: Slice and Dice

Step 4: Mix flour (better choose those ready to mix, like pancakes), sugar and bananas, then fry- better check out this RECIPE

Step 5: Serve

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Google Penguin

Penguins to me are birds that lives in Antarctica or in cold climates that will freeze any body part exposed to nature. Or the popular crazy penguins of Madagascar that is tickling my funny bones.

 But now, since browsing oDesk job listings I came across a topic that will affect most web sites that uses SEO technique: Google Penguin . This will definitely impact those search engine rankings of websites who are being unethical in using keyword stuffing. Now, who is much crazy- those guys abusing the net or these crazy penguins?


On the second day on my quest to be a professional writer, I have learned the art of accepting a letdown on sending offers to be their online writer. The first one did not even bother to tell me I was not chosen.

Now, the facts. That employer was looking for a SEO. What is a SEO? At first glance you would think they are looking for a CEO, but no, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization 

Simply put, he wants to direct traffic or readers to a certain website via blogs or articles. Since I am a newbie, I did not put SEO to my skills. Another lesson learned, If you want to be a successful writer in oDesk or in real life, you get to be creative using links. And how do you that? By research and  experience.

Conquer your fears! Happy writing.