Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Getting up early in the morning is always a challenge for me. I just feel that I will always need that extra minutes of sleep before going to work. 

But just watch me move if I have a destination to go to, a far away place to travel to. My mind will just kick start and raring to go. Never mind if I do not have anything on my stomach, I can easily prepare myself in ten minutes or less and would just walk like an energizer bunny.

That is why I need the day prior to travel to prepare all my things. Aside from preparing my things, it is second nature for me to fix things inside my room as well. I would like my things to be in place when I get back home.

I have read a daily blog of real or reel life that is full of conversations, like the novels that I have read. And I liked it a lot. Made me appreciate this kind of blog. Whether I want to do it in a short story, a long story- with a picture, without a picture... it will just be there. Free for all to see. Freedom. 

That blog made me realize that I liked the feel of artistic freedom. To write what's in your mind, share any of your thoughts without the fear of an editor slashing everything away just because its not perfect. Later on I may need help doing a more structured way to present, package and publish a very resourceful, knowledgeable blog. But for now, let me dream that I can someday make my own novel.

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