Thursday, July 5, 2012


Thursday night, my eyes are almost ready to shut down from exhaustion. Yet, I cannot sleep. My mind kept going over the events of the day. 

I woke up very early and as usual I did my routine. Part of that routine is to open up my Facebook account and check those notifications. If I just miss a day from checking those, all those tags my friends does to get my attention will forever be buried from the "close friends" list that I made. It seems that there will always be an eye catching status or just a feel-good video that we keep on posting for our satisfaction we hope that our close friends would appreciate or just glance over. 

The culture of having your day start online is the trend. Rarely will I now enjoy a day that is technology free. Would this greatly impact our health in the long run? Definitely. A lot if not all of researches will guide you in saying that lack of sleep is never good for your long term health. So, how do we control ourselves from doing something that is fatal for our future self? By doing something worthwhile. And what would those be?

Exercise. Having daily exercises will take us far away from our computer for a certain period of time. The most easy and productive is doing household chores. Yes, doing household chores such as, cooking, cleaning and washing your clothes are considered exercises. It does not look like it, but you burn calories all throughout the day by doing these chores. And the overall effect? Everybody is happy. And you will feel justified eating that decadent doughnut or chocolate (in moderation) rewarding yourself that you have successfully stayed away from the computer all day.

Shopping. Yes, window shopping is good for your health and never hazardous for your financial status. Walking around the mall and looking (Just looking! You better leave your credit card at home.) at different products will grant you the healthy benefits of burning kilo calories each step of the way. And after a few hours, unknowingly you are already done with the day.

Family reunions. Yes, not all family gatherings are all about eating. Members of the family do stop once in a while from updating their status in various social networks and talk face to face. This intimate interaction is priceless. One can never know when will be your next pit stop. 

In the end, blogs will be there for our stress relief or to showcase our creative ideas to the world but let us not forget that face to face interaction in the real world is our true source of strength, love, affection, experience and knowledge that will anchor our feet to the ground. 

P.S. (post script) 2.22.2013

Looking back at what I have written months ago, I get to peek on my emotional and physical state of being. As this was published 7.5.2012, seven months have passed and on my timeline, a lot have happened in between those months. Local trips (Cebu). Budget defense (Bohol). Assemblies (Roxas City, Iloilo City & Antique). New crushes. A trip abroad (Hong Kong : 2.6.13). Mom's trip to the hospital (2.15.13). I am thankful though that even through all that highs and lows, I get to thank each and every blessings, ignore negative vibes that I have. And hold on to my sanity, love of my family and friends and go on living.

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