Thursday, August 2, 2012


Remember those times when having an ice cream just made your day? Hold on to those memories because there will come a time where you would like to  scream your head off but you are not at the right place nor at the right time.
Having discipline will help you. If you are not the one authorized to give discipline in the beginning but giving discipline now when that person is a grown up but acting like a kid? A headache.
Too much freedom can corrupt. And being too nice? A lot of people will just abuse you and use you. I know that, and I hope that people will realize I have limits too. Time will come that my limits will be reached and I hope I can retain grace in my actions and control over my emotions.
Lashing out to hurt back and be as cruel as the people around you is not a solution. You are merely their pawn, playing with their stupid games.
Being an adult meant giving up foolishness. Concentrating on maintaining your temper takes patience and a lot of practice. Grace under fire. Walking out is a temporary solution. You are given the opportunity to prevent your mouth from speaking abusive words that can tear apart relationships and friendships.
Even after all this pep talk, I still wish I could scream. I scream: Ice cream!

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