Friday, July 27, 2012

Free reading materials

I have been an avid reader of novels since high school. I have rented, borrowed and bought books or ebooks for the sheer pleasure in reading.
Lately I have discovered free ebooks in the internet. For someone who loves to read, I felt happy knowing I would have a variety of materials to choose from and its all for free!
One website that I am thankful is Amazon. This site is so amazing! I thought at first that everything here has a price attached to it. Imagine my surprise when I sorted these books from low to high cost and voila! The price for some of the ebooks are free.
I am now enjoying my free stories via Kindle. Download this free app to your PC, laptop or CP and you are all set to use your library.
I was alarmed at first to know I cannot delete my kindle books inside my kindle library but there is a solution. Manage your accounts at your Amazon website and click on the upper right side corner of your kindle ebook. You will then find that your library is free of unwanted epubs that you do not like or ebooks that you already finished reading.
Check out their site and you will find not just books but also a lot of wonderful finds.

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