Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Playlist

I may be tired and falling asleep on my feet but if I want my senses to be alive and still attentive to the happenings around me, I need my music playlist. You Tube is the choice for all time for music and videos but if you want to download free music you need a site that will give you lots of freebies without the virus. My sister gave me tubidy as she is always downloading songs from mobile and my co worker gave me this site that you can download mp3. A warning though, update your anti-virus scanner before going to those sites just to be safe. My ever dependable anti-virus software is Avast. I get to renew my license for free.

Like a picking flowers, we need to choose our very own favorite songs to soothe our souls and lift our hearts. May your wish come true. xoxoxo

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