Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love Letter

To my 1,000th viewer,

This is my personal letter for you. Since you are mostly my 1,000th viewer, I will gladly take my hat's off to you and give you the recognition that you deserve. Yes, you... my readers are the best there is in this side of the world. Ah, the grandeur of being in your presence is the most awesome and heartwarming experience ever to be felt in my entire life.

{LOL} Kidding aside, the feeling of just being able to write anything under the sun and feel that you're sharing instantly in seconds to an audience of one, two, three, hundreds or even thousands of readers, and to anticipate that it will be read is a nothing but a pipe dream so many years ago. The advent of the world wide web (WWW) was nothing short of a miracle for some.

I do remember researching a topic in college about the WWW and memorizing its history and how it affected the mainstream media, technology, environment and such... It was a good topic that even after all these years I still remember learning about it.

I really felt that today, and tonight of all days, this the chance that I will get to pour my heart out again and reach out to a fellow reader.

This blog started out as a little diary of sorts, a simple and public way of sharing a part of myself that I am always developing. I might not be able to stop and get to know each and every person I see but through all these little blogs, I can keep sharing, remembering- that what I have right now is to be appreciated and what sort of person I'll be in a future is anyone's guess.. a future where anything is possible.

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