Sunday, November 6, 2016

Notes to Keep

What would you do to keep it all in place?

If you were given questions that asks what you feel at that moment in time it is advisable that you keep it to yourself. Because years later it might just come back and bite you in the behind.

Unless those notes were but safe answers and it woud not matter at all if you would try to read it back all over again. The you in the present would never be same as the you that you are now. And that is good. Keep moving forward. Do not freeze yourself in a moment of time as time does not freeze you. It is you alone who can decide if you want to be frozen in time.

Better safe than sorry I guess. That is one personality of writers that you will meet by reading blogs these days. In the day where digital writers were a dime a dozen. Finding the inspirational writer that you can follow and read everyday is a gem.

But there is  website that you can follow and read everyday that is so helpful it can save lives.

Trust me. It is all good. 

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