Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Last Day of the Year

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You can expect me reading on a book or an ebook on the early hours of the 31st of December 2012 as this was my annual thing to do. I may not remember all the stories I have read all these years but as an avid book reader, you will feel satisfaction knowing you are losing yourself to a different world. Escape to reality? A form of escapism? Yes, in a way, reading a book is the most simple and one of the cheapest way to entertain ourselves. 

I was also watching the 2012 news year end special last night and got caught up reminiscing what has been my experiences in the year of 2012. A lot of firsts, excitement, drama, comedy, adventure and even thriller. And I wanted to write this blog and read about this next year and would like to remind myself that even if I had regrets, at the end of the year, I am satisfied that on this day, I am with my family, my mom and brother... just lazing around the house, talking and spending the day with each other.

What would I tell my future self? To be more determined, more active... and open to possibilities. Give more and be happy. Always do things right. Strengthen you spiritual goals. Hold on to you faith and you will never regret anything that will happen.



huihana Mauwhata said...

Dream ..i wish u many dreams and all their possibilities for the New Year and the years to follow and blessings Hui xoxoxoxo

Empee Geesan said...

lovely hui ty